FERMENTEMP removes the mystery and frustration of controlling the temperature and precisely timing the fermentation.

Optimise the production, improve the taste and retain the enjoyment of brewing your own beer, wine, mead or cider.

Bespoke electronic controller with temperature management, timer, high/low temperature alarms and statistics. CE and LVD compliant.

Accommodates up to four 1 gallon demijohns or 25/30 litre (6/7 gallon) fermenters.


FERMENTEMP is design-led. It’s reliable. It’s beautiful.

It's a top of the range fermentation control system that takes care of your brew with precision electronic control, 24 hours a day.



  • Automatic controller maintains correct temperature during primary and secondary fermentation.

  • Low temperature makes yeast become dormant and fermentation stalls.

  • High temperature produces solvent tasting fusel alcohols.

  • Without FERMENTEMP it’s too cold in winter for brewing in garages and basements. It's an active
    heater, so can control to set temperatures above


  • Competitive products do not actively control the temperature, they simply add heat constantly, so the brew temperature will still fluctuate considerably with ambient, during the day too high, at night too low.

FERMENTEMP maintains a correct and consistent temperature in your fermentation environment, significantly improving your results - here’s the science behind it.


Looks after your brew and keeps to your defined temperature.  Built-in alarms to let you know when it needs you.






Take the uncertainty out of fermentation.  Control means you'll get consistent results every time without wondering what went wrong!

Not only looks great, but designed so fits common fermentation vessels with flexible temperature sensor.  No compromises.


Our simple control system is easy to work with.  If you need more flexibility, access statistics and additional control settings with the click of a button.

Our black powdered coated enclosure easily wipes clean - keeping FERMENTEMP looking good as new every time.

Microcontroller temperature control for heating ensures maximum efficiency.  Only adds heat when it needs to.


FERMENTEMP temperature control is the most important thing you can add that'll make drastic improvements in your beer. The product is a controlled 48~50W heater, there is therefore a limit to what it can do to raise temperature, you my have to consider placing insulation around the fermenting vessel and/or something to direct the heat up over the vessel.

This lets you focus on the other elements such as brewing methods, water quality, sugar types, yeast types, hops.. adding individuality to your beer.

Place the fermentation vessel on FERMENTEMP before filling, so you don't have to move it when heavy.  Don't connect power before filling is complete.  Only connect power when finished and ensured the area is clean and dry, and keep the power supply away from potential spill areas.  Secure the temperature probe to the midpoint of the liquid level on the side of the vessel tightly with a broad length of tape.  We recommend using an insulated cupboard when fermenting to minimise energy use.  Use FERMENTEMP's hourly timer as a reference when taking specific gravity readings as you go!

FERMENTEMP can be used to maintain temperature of an area or vessel for secondary fermentation, conditioning or lagering.  Heat indirectly by placing FERMENTEMP on the bottom shelf of a cupboard, with vessels or bottles on a shelf above.

Use tape to securely attach the temperature probe to what you're heating. Make sure to use insulation to save energy.

FERMENTEMP manages your primary and secondary fermentation, enabling you to create a consistent environment from batch to batch, with consistent results throughout.  Yeasts have a preferred temperature range which this lets you maintain, allowing it to grow and ferment.

If temperature is too hot or cold, fermentation can be severely limited or halted as the yeast is killed/goes dormant with the extremes of environment.  Common primary fermentation temperatures are between 20C (68F) and 27C (81F).  Usually you only find out there's a problem after secondary fermentation, up to 3 months later!

Higher primary fermentation temperatures decrease the process time!  However it's vital that you don't overheat the brew, as this will cause solvent tasting fusel alcohols which spoil the taste of your beer.

FERMENTEMP maintains optimal temperature control without under or overheating, allowing you to brew faster with no ill-effects!



Product Dimensions 340 x 345 x 70mm, 3kgs or 13” x 13.5” x 3”, 7lbs

Power Input 220V to 240Vac/50Hz, 48~50W

Control Precision +/-1C, +/-1F

Timer Resolution 1 Hour

Controller Heating Range Typically from ambient to +10C or +20F

Heating Element 48~50W (dependent on your local voltage)

Probe Lead Length 1.2m (4ft) approx.

Ambient Probe Lead Length 1m (3ft) approx.

Mains Lead Length 1m (3ft) approx.

Safety/Protection Internal over-temperature cut-out

CE marked and LVD compliant.  Made in NI.

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