A one day course developed for those with little or no knowledge of homebrewing, it also serves as an introduction to all-grain beer brewing, for those familiar with extract brewing.


The course is practical, you will be brewing a 30L batch of beer (wort) on a 3-vessel HERMS system, during the brewing process will interleaved with teaching sessions.


You’ll learn about the brewing process the dos and don’ts, giving you the confidence to move into homebrewing as a hobby. You’ll also get to use one of our brewing systems with our state-of-the-art control panels.


The Course

You’ll get practical experience in homebrewing a 30L batch of beer, interleaved with taught sessions:-


Types of homebrewing and how it has changed.

What you can brew, ales, lagers, cider, mead, wine, kombucha.

Extract versus all-gain.

Cleaning, sterilisation & sanitation.

Health & safety.

Recipes, ingredients, water, grain, hops, finings, yeast…


All-gain equipment, BIAB, 2, 3 (RIMS & HERMS), all-in-one and nano brewery.

All-in-one systems, EINREW, BM, GF, DIY and rest.

Mashing, sparging, cooling.


Bottling, kegging & conditioning.

Practical brewing using an all-gain system.


The course will take place at our premises at Whiteabbey, Northern Ireland unless otherwise stated.  Contact us to find out what date our next course will be running!

Introduction to Homebrewing Craft Beer – 1 Day Course

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