Dispatching 2021.


Brewing beer can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be, EINBREW allows the novice brewer to achieve fantastic results ‘out of the box’ for all-grain brewing, and it allows the experienced brewer to develop and implement their unique recipes, with precision control to create repeatability and produce great beer time after time.

EINBREW is a result of years of brewing experience, listening to experts and novices, and looking at competitor systems. Now we have a developed a first class product with many innovative and unique features to make your brew day shorter, safer and more repeatable, but importantly, with just as much fun and input as you want. EINBREW is one of a kind.

EINBREW is CE marked and conforms to all relevant UK/EU legislation.


UK/Europe Price is inclusive of UK VAT (20%).


  • Handheld controller, program, control and monitor from your armchair.

    Controller stores your recipes, memory of 20 user definable all-grain recipes.

    Audible process stage alarms, allowing you to move around more freely and not forget the wort!

    Central upwards forced infusion, helping to maximise the extraction of sugars from the grain, no sparging needed.

    Pump during boil cycle, ensuring there is a flow of wort over the heating element to reduce the risk of scorching.

    Integral cooler, allows wort cooling to be done quickly and covered, reducing infection risks.

    Hop basket part of the circuit, maximising the extraction of the hop flavours.

    Cooled wort is pumped out, fast and sanitary wort transfer to fermenter.

    Automatic cleaning cycle, no more scrubbing, let EINBREW clean itself.

    Striking Ergonomic design, EINBREW is designed to look great and be easily lifted and moved.

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We are home brewers. We are technical experts. We are designers.

We are all of these things in one. We are EINBREW.


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