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EINBREW 3V3P (25 Amp)

EINBREW 3V3P (25 Amp)

SKU: 3V3P-25A

Running your custom electric brewery is easy with EINBREW 3V3P. Full independent management and temperature control for 3 vessels and 3 pumps, this controller is designed for 230V/240V systems.


Custom controller lets you setup your brewing recipe before you start, with support for up to 9 mash stages and 9 hop insertions. 


This model has 25A capacity of 5.75kW (@230V) per relay.

The 40A model has a capacity of 9.2kW (@230V) per relay.


The 3V3P is designed to work with 3 vessel direct heating systems, therefore a directly heated HLT, a directly heated BK and either a directly or an indirectly heated MT. It will work with RIMS and HERMS or indeed direct heating in the MT, so it does not matter how you are heating your mash, the 3V3P will control it.


USB output to Brewtex software allows you to monitor the full brew.


Supports three heating elements, concurrent use and includes 3 temperature probes. Also supplied with a power lead and user instructions.  Heating element support depends on version ordered, with high current switching available. EINBREW 3V3P is CE marked and conforms to all relevant UK & EU legislation.

    VAT Included
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