EINBREW 3V3P (25A Relays)

EINBREW 3V3P (25A Relays)

SKU: 3V3P-25R

Running your custom electric brewery is easy with EINBREW 3V3P. Full independent management and temperature control for 3 vessels and 3 pumps.

Custom controller lets you setup your brewing recipe before you start, with support for up to 9 mash stages and 9 hop insertions. 


This model has 25A capacity of 5.75kW (@230V) per relay.

The 40A model has a capacity of 9.2kW (@230V) per relay.


USB output to Brewtex software allows you to monitor the full brew.


Supports three heating elements, concurrent use and includes 3 temperature probes. Also supplied with a power lead and user instructions.  Heating element support depends on version ordered, with high current switching available. EINBREW 3V3P is CE marked and conforms to all relevant UK & EU legislation.

    VAT Included